Remixing and Remastering: You are literally a remix!

I know it sounds crazy and that I might be insane, but in this weeks post I'm taking my own spin on aesthetics, and the art of remixing to a whole new level! Strap in kids cause this ones about to get weird and wild. Let's start with context and something a little more digestible:... Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Message I: Excuse me?

So I have been trying to come to terms with and understand this statement for the last two weeks, and after some classic millenial googling and doodling I think I'm somewhat prepared to reflect on what I've gathered. Essentially, the medium is the message means that no matter what the information you are trying to... Continue Reading →

BCM: A New Hope

Yo! So as my blog name shows my name is Jake Barley, a "sort of second year student" and I'm already loving the dankness of my Communications course. I was originally doing a Law double but Law just sucks.... AM I RIGHT GUYS?!?! It's also IMO very dry and just not very interesting at all,... Continue Reading →

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