“Fake News”: A Guide to Proper Research

So yes, this week we’ll be talking about Trump’s favourite topic, “FAKE NEWS”. But what is Fake News, and how can we avoid being influenced it? Well strap in kids, cause this one’s gonna get weird and wild, exploring the realms of YouTube news reporting, as well as the recent scandal of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels.

Although it’s almost impossible to be completely unbiased and subjective in judgement I do try to keep a level head and not push an agenda when evaluating and commenting on the news. My main source of media, or “Public Sphere” those BCM students are all talking about would mainly be YouTube, as well as a little FaceBook news tied in. I’m not interested with Television, as I see it to be outdated, old-fashioned, and an unengaging way to convey messages, but that’s just my opinion. This Public Sphere mainly operates digitally, however is constantly changing and evolving into something completely different. With the internet being so young in the grand scheme of things it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how digital creators operate. Public figures such as Philip DeFranco, who is my main source for news is for example trying to start his own news network with no ties to any of the big companies at the moment, to allow the freedom of his own format and own way of doing things. My Public Sphere therefore mainly operates through social media platforms, as well as some trying to put their spin on the mainstream side of things.

Although having the freedom of posting on the internet and not being accountable to a set boss (pretty much being your own boss) is great as it allows for you to truly express yourself, this isn’t all a good thing. Take for example “The Young Turks” ], who are seen as a competitor, or alternative to Philip DeFranco on YouTube. When reporting on the Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels scandal the Young Turks misrpresented and mistaked the amount of money the settlement was, leading to many people who watch them leaving their channel with false information. Although the mainstream media still has a much larger reach than YouTube news reporters do, this is still unacceptable. If people are going to claim they are a reliable and consitent news source they must prove and demonstrate their credibility.

So to conclude, although the freedom of the internet is great in many ways, including the right to post freely and without discrimination of getting content taken down, this ideaology does have its downside. With freedom of expression comes misinterpreting and misreporting. If my Public Sphere of the internet is to uphold its credibility, creators must ensure their posts are as credible and factual as possible, as well as being free from bias. I hope you have a great day, and stay safe on the… ROAD 🙂

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