Media Ownership: Put a Ring on it

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Although I’m not a huge fan of her work, and I’m certainly not into putting a ring on things that I like, Beyonce is arguably one of the most prominent and well-known “pop” icons in the world. She was even named the most attractive woman in the world by the “People Magazine” in 2010, and her growth since then has not slowed down. So strap in kiddo’s, today we’re going to discuss whether this addiction we have for the ring master is of importance, or if she’s just another washed-up celebrity.

To start off with, we must talk about media, specifically in reference to ring girl. Beyonce is a prominent figure in the media and is constantly under the spotlight of news sights and various other media outlets. With the combination of a subjectively divine voice lots of media coverage, ring girl has gathered a massive audience with a modest 63 million Facebook likes and 15 million Twitter follows. Not that crazy right? But why is this the case, and why do so many people idolise and look up to her as if she’s some god gifted profit from the fourth dimension?

Well… I can’t tell you, but the internet can. For example, earlier this year Beyonce announced that she would be changing her diet to fully vegan, following the latest trend of caring for animals, which I think is a good thing. Although this isn’t an obviously new thing, what surprised me most was the response to this, being thousands of people following in her footsteps, and also expressing that they will be going vegan.

People love Beyonce’s music, again she subjectively has a great singing voice, but it’s not all about those vocal chords. People look up to Beyonce, and aspire to be like her. Everyone see’s a little bit of themselves in their idols, and wishes to be like them. People believe that public figures such as Beyonce are better versions of themselves, or at least have better aspects going for them. This is why public figures such as ring girl have so much influence and so much power over the choices their following conduct. This is why it is important for people to look up to someone respectable, commendable and kind, because if the younger generation starts to look up to people such as *COUGH* the Paul’s *COUGH*, the youth of our world may have skewed and irrational values when growing up.

So although I may not like Beyonce’s music, from what I’ve seen and read she is a person of good character and high moral standards, and that is therefore why she matters. People need stable influencers in their lives, and it is therefore essential that we have good influencers to guide the people to a better way of living.

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