Remixing and Remastering: You are literally a remix!

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I know it sounds crazy and that I might be insane, but in this weeks post I’m taking my own spin on aesthetics, and the art of remixing to a whole new level! Strap in kids cause this ones about to get weird and wild. Let’s start with context and something a little more digestible:

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘Remix’ is defined as “Producing a different version of (a musical recording) by altering the balance of the separate tracks”, which I believe is an incorrect, and outdated representation. My take on remix is producing a different version of “anything” by altering certain characteristics of the original product. For example: you buy a shirt, but it’s a blank shirt, white all over, and you want to add your own salts and spices to it, so you throw paint on it, and now it’s this wonderful canvas full of colour AND RAINBOWS! That’s a remix… right? Now, take your favourite celebrity. You love what they wear and you want to look like them, buuuuuut you also don’t want to look like a blatant rip off, so you take inspiration from that figure, and you buy similar clothes to them but not completely the same, and you go and flaunt yourself around town. That’s a remix on someone’s clothing choice! What I’m getting at is remixes are everywhere. Just like everyone’s a meme, everyone is also in some way a remix.

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Another example would be you and your parents. You like what your parents are doing and you think they’re pretty good people. Or maybe you don’t… either way this will work. You grow up thinking “Wow!” I really like who my parent’s are and how they’ve developed as people in their lives, but I want to be just a little bit better than them. Your personal ethics, emotions and lifestyle then just become one big remix of your parents, in-fact you are just one big remix of your parents…. RIGHT???? I mean you look like them, but not fully, you act like them, but not fully, you live pretty similar lives (generally), but not really etc., etc. Life is just one big meme and a bunch of remixes, Hey!

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It is therefore obvious that remixes go far beyond the spectrum of music production and extend into our everyday lives. Whether it’s the song you’re listening to right now, or the clothes you’re wearing, or your relationship with your parents! Remixes are unavoidable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Remixes can be good for feedback, or showing you a perspective that you may not have seen before, so go out there kids, remix the f**k out of everything, I know I will be tomorrow with my remixed cappuccino-latte hybrid, coming out of the test room today. See you next time lovers!

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