Globalisation: The Flow of Information and its Implications

We're living in a time where it seems like every day new technologies are being produced that claim to "change the world", and it's becoming increasingly hard to ignore the fact that all of us are becoming even more connected and "closer" than ever before. Although physical distance remains constant, this has more to do... Continue Reading →

Suicide and Mental Health: The Media’s Obligations

For many years the topic of mental health has been a “taboo topic” in media coverage. However, accompanied by recent shifts in parliamentary and public opinion has facilitated a much more liberalistic and compassionate society. Although forever present, mental health has only recently been acknowledged by medical professionals and accepted as a “real” condition within... Continue Reading →

Adolescent Freedom: A Conflict of Interest

Being a teen is hard... like really hard. By the age of 12, most young people begin the stages of puberty, inheriting a multitude of hormonal, social, and physical changes. These changes affect our perception and the way we think leaving a lasting effect on our personalities. The years of adolescence could be considered the... Continue Reading →

Media Ownership: Put a Ring on it

Although I'm not a huge fan of her work, and I'm certainly not into putting a ring on things that I like, Beyonce is arguably one of the most prominent and well-known "pop" icons in the world. She was even named the most attractive woman in the world by the "People Magazine" in 2010, and... Continue Reading →

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